Twin Cities Railing provides Aluminum Railing Solutions for Contractors, Commercial Builders, and Property Managers.

  • Fastest Lead Time In The Industry

  • Fastest Installation In The Industry

  • Best Service & Quality In The Industry

Our FAST RAILING SYSTEM works for every Contractor, Home Builder, and Installer!

Partner with us and profit more!

It’s that simple.

Our innovation and expertise in the aluminum railing industry unlock time saving opportunities for any contractor, architect, and commercial builder. We have effectively streamlined the aluminum railing installation process from design and planning to order and installation.

Think of Twin Cites Railing as your all-inclusive aluminum railing partner, allowing you to offer the highest quality railing faster.

The Big Idea Behind

The Fastest Railing System

We are commercial and residential railing experts who have experienced the raising bottlenecks and disruptions in our industry over the years. We have faulted the frustration of labor shortages, lead time fluctuation, and supply chains.

Through our experiences, passion, and creativity: We created a railing system that works for any installer and has been tested to not only perform better but will maximize profitability.

Using our fast railing system contractors and builders can now effectively improve speed-to-market with a superior product that installs more rapid than any other railing in the industry.

Engineered and Approved to ICC-ES AC273 Commercial and Residential Building Codes